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Festival of Lights

Open your eyes In this weather, so nice Look at the sky Don’t ask me why The mesmerizing colors Look like the Flowers As the colorful light curves You want your rockets to Swerve A fantastic Sight Even if you Cant Light The festival of Lights is back As you look at the spark Brighten… Read More »

Small things… Matters!!!*

* Read as if the events have happened today. It is Wednesday afternoon just after lunch, I was working listening to music with the smile curve decreased on my face, suddenly noticed an outlook email pop-up and managed catch the words Coffee-mug. Very curiously I opened the mail and read the following words from the… Read More »

A Beautiful Morning

Today, the 31st of March is one of those Beautiful mornings that Bengaluru manages to sneak in amidst the hot summer days. Yes, this is what Bengaluru is known for-its amazing weather. I woke up this morning and raised the curtains of the room window. There was a fragrance in the air which makes you… Read More »

Failure is the stepping stone to succes

It has been exactly 1 month and 20 days since I joined Infy. The journey has been very fantastic till today. Infy not only makes you technically sound, it also inculcates ethics into you. It has brought a positive change in me and at times it has changed the way I look at things. The… Read More »

For the last twenty minutes I was thinking how do I start this post and finally ended up with this. Here are a few  music tracks made by me virtually. Let the tracks speak for themselves. 1. Ejaying  Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA This one is a very small track… Read More »

Home made photoframe

“Joblessness makes you creative” and I absolutely agree with that statement. It all started with the idea of gifting one of my friend a framed photo on his birthday. I went to the photo studio got the photo printed but forogt to get it framed there. So I start thinking after am home “What can… Read More »

Hey uncle!!!

This post is based on an attempt made by a group of friends to make one of their other friend knock off his mustache. Harshal is the guy who has this fondness towards his big black mustache. We used to bug him a lot calling it the ‘marimuthu’ which was putting down the glow of… Read More »

F1 2009, few moments to go…

–> The Formula One racing is back after a 5 month break. For me it was a wait longer than that. Now that it’s going to start soon, the practice results are surprising to everyone. The 2009 season has a lot of technical changes. They look exciting as well. Below are a few of the… Read More »