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Wind, Window and …

Part 2 of this story : Click here! The all night rain had created a fresh aroma in the surrounding. As I woke up and stretched my arms, I felt refreshed and energetic. Without much anticipation I parted the curtains to have a look outside the window of my room and the view made my lips… Read More »

The Destined night at Chikmagalur

The discussion about Destiny, believers and non-believers was on among my office colleagues at a homestay near Chikmagalur. It was just after bonfire the talk about Destiny started. When there is birth, the first thing that is done after the registration of the birth is getting the Horoscope done of the baby. Depending on the… Read More »

Ethics – How do we imbibe?

The aftermath of reading the article written by a friend on ethics started a thought process in my mind. It had triggered the thread which resulted in this post. You can read the article here: What are we becoming? My friend says that Ethics is what we are when nobody is seeing us. Yes, I… Read More »

Burrps and Farts!!

Few days back I read an article on Restaurant etiquette for gentleman or for that matter it might apply for all the ladies out there as well. Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group as per the definition in… Read More »

The Famous five – Real | Unreal

It was one of those days in school, when you walk slowly to your classrooms after the Games period. The black shoes had turned brown due to the dust and the walk was real slow. If I can recollect, we were around five(from what I remember) of us walking at the end. Nikhil, me, guess… Read More »

Phir Dil do Hockey Ko!!

As I walked down the lane in front of my house, I noticed a lot of markings which looked like goal posts. I saw a kid keeping his bat inside and getting just the wicket. In no time there he was out on the street with a group of friends and all of them with… Read More »

Random Lines

The thoughts of my mind are so subtle To comprehend them and make them unsubtle I need some space for myself and my mind To put them together and get them entwined And make them grow into a tree I visit them again and again like a marquee Something reminds me that i am part… Read More »

Suicide : An Easy Solution?

I was very happy when one of my friend said that he was never worried about anything in life. He made me look worried the next moment by saying, “The reason is i have the option of ending my life if things go wrong“. Is Suicide growing as an easy solution to face things in… Read More »

Be a Better Friend

These days I’m against having firm ideas about anything, be it animal welfare or just a concept. I always want to leave room for someone else to say something new about it and be flexible, so that I would still be able to accept their point of view. To be a better friend to any… Read More »