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Since the time I started writing some quality posts on the blog, I have always had this interest of interviewing people. For me, it’s another art which I like to try my hands at. I had been thinking whom should I interview and have come up with my own list. Also, I have been thinking of what will I interview a person for? There need to be something the person can share in terms of knowledge. I don’t know if I will be able to extract what I want to from each person in my list, but I am pretty sure there will enough scope for the candidates to express themselves. My first interview would be of a good friend from my High school. I decided the moment I saw his works that he’s going to be on my list of interviews.

Disclaimer: Here few of the interviews are intended to share some knowledge about something or the other and few of them are totally for fun. The questions and the answers of the people are copyrighted by me and therefore no content can be copied. But again the answers are the opinions of the person who answers it and is not related to anything else. In case you have your own views of the answers, please make sure you communicate to the concerned person and not me

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