Suicide : An Easy Solution?

By | November 24, 2011
I was very happy when one of my friend said that he was never worried about anything in life. He made me look worried the next moment by saying, “The reason is i have the option of ending my life if things go wrong“. Is Suicide growing as an easy solution to face things in life? It was a matter of concern for me even though i was sure he wasn’t that sort of a guy.The experience of happiness and a kind of sadness in just two moments made me feel, things always exist in opposites. 

Off late there have been lot of incidents of people ending life, especially students. Looks like the attrition rate of life is increasing alarmingly. Frustration and anger builds in me when i hear someone hanging up their chapter in life. The most recent incident being the guy from PES College, Bangalore. Well i do not know the detailed reasons behind his act, but i am pretty sure that if that guy had put the same effort in something else, he would have made a mark. For me ending life is not so easy because Life’s just so awesome. It takes a lot of guts and effort to commit the act of quitting this beautiful world.

I happened to see three reactions (all three students from same college) on this incident and on the protests against college. One friend says, “At-least now the college guys learn and not be so strict on rules” . Another friend says both Suicide and the protest are rubbish. Another friend has a blog post of his own on it and even he doesn’t support this act.

I also do feel that it is rubbish. the angst of few people against a college cos an individual committed an unjustified crime is a total NO from my side. I has read somewhere that “there is always a better way” and getting better than yourself is what one should aim for. As a mechanical engineer, i remember that for each kind of a link, there’s a definite kind of motion. In the same way there’s a design for life and also a design for the people. Not everyone can do everything. 

Its time that some morals are embedded in today’s kids since their childhood and also the spirit of fighting with their own weaknesses. Challenging one’s own abilities and moving ahead is a great way to keep yourself focused. There’s a big debate going on that students should not be punished. We should come up with more creative ways of enforcing certain things than physical punishment which leaves scars in the mind of a kid. The bottom line is it all starts in a very young age and it keeps growing with time. The value of Life can be realized not by Maths. Physics, Chemistry, English but by seeing another Life struggling with its own conflicts to make a decent living. Lets try to achieve ‘Dignity of Labor‘ so that there is wide variety of choices for your own kid, in case he cant be a 5 pointer!       
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2 thoughts on “Suicide : An Easy Solution?

  1. deepti

    well said andy .. thr is always a way out of ny situation .. cause wen god closes 1 door he opens another .. suicide ia not d answer ..


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