We don’t need a PM for every problem!

By | April 8, 2020
We don't need a PM for every problem!
Social Distancing

The global lock-down and the social distancing (maybe physical distancing) has made me more active on social media. Just consuming whats available on social media, I was able to learn few things. Now one might wonder how it relates to “We don’t need a PM for every problem!”. Let me dive into that straight.

The pandemic has caused lot many problems to every country it has stepped, exposing certain ground realities and problems that need to be resolved. I read a lot of posts on twitter/facebook tagging the PM for things not being right. PM was being criticized for the clapping, lighting the lamps. While he announced clapping for front line workers, there were many who broke the social distancing. No points for guessing who got criticized again for this. Those who are reading this and the one who wrote this, we are just in a privileged position to be doing this. That should give us a sense of inequality in the world.

Many folks started comparing foreign PM’s speech with their own PM’s. All folks from different professions were now looking at the economic challenges and government policies with a lens. Not to provide inputs to make it better, but to criticize again. I am not blind to all the flaws/issue/problems that the country has, but would like to open my eyes towards solutions to those.

What Inspired me

Amidst the chaos, the behavior of certain people came in as a ray of hope and inspired me as well. I would like to talk about one person whose work I have admired since a long time. Pawan Kumar, a noted Indian film director started a campaign to help Kannada Film Industry’s (KFI) Daily wage workers. Also, lot of local community members here in Seattle, who are delivering food and sewing masks to help solve shortage of PPE.

KFI Daily Wage Workers

As soon as lock-down was announced, he did not sit and wait for government to do something, but started a campaign for helping Kannada Film Industry’s Daily wage workers. He was bolstered with many questions as to why big celebrities are not doing anything (which isn’t true). He interacted with folks on Instagram, had script reading sessions.

  1. A chunk of money was collected into his account.
  2. A great amount of research and data collation to capture the list of folks requiring help.
  3. He faced a problem while disbursing those funds owing to limits placed in UPI.
  4. He did not stop there, by socializing the problem he got help from SBI employee to transfer the money to required folks. (Not the PM)
  5. Steps 1-4, he had his share of learnings. His team leveraged technology to come up with another solution to involve a bigger audience to help the needy.
  6. He also explained how they leveraged technology to create a solution.
  7. He went ahead and created a community to brainstorm about life after lock-down or covid19. To discuss ideas for startups and new businesses.

The solution is now available if you click here. If you are in Karnataka and happen to open this link, please do your bit. Only if you are not economically impacted. Pawan Kumar has leveraged technology to solve many problems, since the time he crowdfunded his movie Lucia.

Scribbling notes

I am jotting down a list of things that are running in my mind for my future reference

  • Every individual, family, society, community, state, country is flawed. Its important to look out for solutions along with criticism.
  • Share your solutions to people, make it a movement if feasible. It will evolve soon.
  • The world has a lot of good people.
  • Donors are valuable, till the time recipients exist.
  • The story/concept of Money is failing.
  • Be the change you want to see.
  • How do we track and communicate all the daily wage workers? Should we rely on technology and not think about privacy?
  • We don’t need a PM for every problem!

5 thoughts on “We don’t need a PM for every problem!

  1. Rakshith

    Good write up on solution oriented thinking.
    A community needs governance to provide a good functional system in place. But as time evolves every system is meant to be exploited by few notorious people and hack it to their survival.
    Hence we are in a state where we have to seek help from community rather than it being the natural instinct.

    By such exemplary acts like the one by Pawan Kumar really helps bring in the sweet Positive reinforcement in to the community. At the same time a leader grows stronger with criticism. And as always a Critic is a legless man who teaches to run. The world cannot be at this stable point if there is no opposite force, criticism should be constructive, a good leader knows which one to pick and build on.

    1. anilkulkarni Post author

      Thank you for taking time to read and respond. I am not blind to all the flaws/issue/problems that the country has, but would like to open my eyes towards solutions to those. We just need to be a better critic .

  2. Ramya Manjunatha

    Very well written, I liked the flow of this article the the problem approach at resolution and self implementation are all well connected.

    And yes the last implementation points each one can make a new post to show how you actually were able to do it and with results would motivate people.
    You also have motivated me to think better and think positive via this post.
    Oh If you remember “KaruNya” was one such event!


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