Small things… Matters!!!*

By | August 19, 2010
* Read as if the events have happened today.

It is Wednesday afternoon just after lunch, I was working listening to music with the smile curve decreased on my face, suddenly noticed an outlook email pop-up and managed catch the words Coffee-mug. Very curiously I opened the mail and read the following words from the facilities:

Dear Sir/Madam,

                            Please Collect your Coffee Mugs From Stationery room in B#39 GF.

I was very excited about this and soon I checked with Vivek and got to know that even he had received the same email. We both locked our computers and ran out of our floor to be the first among the 10 people to collect the valuable ‘Coffee Mug’. My heart started beating faster as the lift was moving down closer to the ground floor. Finally the lift reached its destination. The door of the lift opened, I kept my first foot outside, walking towards the Stationary room. I am very happy to be the third person to collect the mug. Vivek being the second.

I had always imagined myself sitting in front of a comp, plugged earphones to my ears, great music in them and the Infy COFFEE-Mug placed beside my keyboard filled with ‘TEA’. I will be working on something really interesting, sipping tea and humming the songs that are playing in my ears. This thought or wishes or desire or whatever you want to call it as is going to be fulfilled today. As I am typing this, the song from ‘Yes Boss’,  ‘Chaand Thaare…’  is playing in my ears.

I just wanted to say that I am very happy and excited to tell you all that the ‘Infosys’ coffee mug that I had applied for has finally arrived in my hands.
It’s a great feeling to hold it in my hands, a proud feeling in fact.  We (Vivek and I) are going to inaugurate the mug today at 3.30pm in the pantry of Building: 38, third floor.  It would have been even greater if I could have done this with you all. All of you might feel what this guy’s gone crazy or what?? I would just say it’s important to find pleasure in small things in life and enjoy them. To find real happiness in small things is a great quality which can keep you going always and today is one of those days when am enjoying it and yeah it feels real great. Big things are not going to happen daily, if u can find happiness in small things like this, take my word you’ll be happy always and once you are happy..Nothing else matters!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Small things… Matters!!!*

  1. SwAtHi ShArMa

    You want to know something Anil ,This is so not a crazy thought!!! I feel the same so many times!!! I go gaga over small things and that helps me through being happy 🙂

  2. Unknownymous

    The world will show you the sky and make you want to reach it, but the fact remains that the sky is just an illusion, heaven is under you right where you are standing…dare to look down and enjoy those samll little things.

  3. M Gaurav Mallik

    photo yelli ? i wan2 c that infy mug pic? not allowed to take the pic of infy mug a ? lolzzz…
    Super dude – find joy in small things of life…. full vedanthi agtha idiya ? Full Thought Provoking.. nice… keep it up, have fun! Drink from the cup soon and post the pic 😛

  4. navaneeth

    a coffee mug… hmmmmmmm… good observation. the extra-ordinary thing is that these things happen in everyone's life but they will not see it the way you have…now that makes it special….


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