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What is my BHAG?

The company I am working for, asked me What is my BHAG? as part of an intro questionnaire to be shared with the broader. I was in a hurry to answer, but I missed reading what it stands for. I paused for a moment to be present and thats when my eyes read Big, Hairy,… Read More »

Ugliest language in India

Ugliest language in India? – I don’t think it exists. Today, I see the internet having lot of articles about how Google displayed an answer to the above question. Google’s answer was “Kannada” which happens to be my native language. Many people had already reported it and Google also offered an apology. The result now are about all articles about how google made this mistake.

We don’t need a PM for every problem!

Ever since the lock-down, I have been more active on Social media, online news portals and all other sources of entertainment on the web. The increased presence, noticing certain acts of people have provided me with some valuable learnings for life. This article is about my thoughts around the lessons I learnt.

Bend my head down

I took my seat and started wondering where I am and where I was going. The people around me were interesting and their face said each of them have a story to tell. A story about their lives and each story had the possibility of being different. I started looking at everyone around me, the features of their faces were different. No two people looked the same.

Present-ing the past

After a long day at work, I started from office late and while walking to the bus stop, it was hard for me not to admire the volume of traffic around. It was late, the density of vehicles had decreased, the concrete buildings so tall tried to intimidate me. I was thoughtless all the while… Read More »

Mother and her Love

He danced his heart out on the stage for ‘Kick’ Dance show along with his equally wonderful partner. Although they were kids, the performance was no less than a veteran dancer. The entire act was dedicated to all the mothers. It made the judges emotional and they were taking their own time to speak about… Read More »