Love Letters

By | October 3, 2011
The play started off with a conversation between a boy and a gal which continues all their life. Eventually we realized that it was exchange of words among them in the form of letters portrayed in the play. The play is centered on just two characters, Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd IIIwho capture the attention of the audience in no time. One of the most important things of the play is the simple stage setup used by them. One of the amazing things about the play is the prop they have used; I would like to call it a multi-dimensional prop. It was modified as per the needs of the scene by the characters themselves. For instance, when the characters faced a low phase in life we could see black colored props. This  A.R.Gurney’s international hit is a heartwarming story of the two friends.

All I knew about the play was that it was something to do with letters and love. And when you think of love, we always tend to think of those feel good bollywood stories which end with a happy note. This entire play revolves around two friends who eventually fall in love with each other just by sharing their thoughts in the form of letters. Well they do get to meet quite often, but their writing never stops. When the play reaches is interim stage, you realize that this is not gonna be like the movie stories.  The two characters share everything they can like Day to day life, Dreams, achievements, failures, fantasies and what not. You feel for Andrew, nicknamed as Andy by Melissa when the play ends. 
Love Letters – The Team

Rajit Kapur plays Andrew and doesn’t fail to deliver a brilliant performance. Complementing him was Shernaz Patel playing the role of Melissa Gardner. It looked like they were competing against each other in terms of performance. Indeed the entire team got a standing ovation from the crowd. All in all it was a wonderful presentation.

Writer: A.R. Gurney
Director: Rahul da Cunha
Originally produced by : Hosi Vasunia & Remu Jhaveri
Light Designer: Kaiwan Mistry
Set Designer: Fali Unwalla
Music Compilation: Sarosh Bhabha
On Lights: Arghya Lahiri, Prahlad Upadhyay, Kaiwan Mistry
On Sound: Nadir Khan, Kapil Samat
Make Up Artist: Nandu Wadke
Production Controller: Ayaz Ansari
Production Team: Niloufer Sagar, Deep Dudani
Photography:Madhu Gadkari

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