What an Idea Sirjee!!

By | May 4, 2011

Looking at all the ads of IDEA, I was thinking about the Ideas in my  mind and also the ideas that have turned out into something else.

Being a mechanical engineer by qualification, I wanted to title this post as ‘Lifecycle of a Product Design’.  But why?That will be answered as you continue to read this post.

During my final year of engineering, a group of ten somehow made an ever-memorable trip (Sharavathi Backwaters) for three whole days. On the second day of the trip we were on an island watching the beautiful Sun go back to its den.  The time had slowed down for all of us and exactly at that moment when the light was sufficient enough for us to capture few mind-blowing snaps, I got an IDEA.

IDEA 1: As many of us standing with the drowning sun as the backdrop will take leap into the air and before we touch the ground again, a super fast click on the camera should capture the moment to be cherished all our lives.Six of us stood, and Vivek, who was just a photography enthusiast at that time was brave enough to take the camera in his hand. We placed ourselves so that we don’t clash with each other. Vivek started the count. One.. We could hear the birds chirp, the whistling wind and sound of the stream and thousand thoughts in mind of all the time we had spent in college which was nearing an end. Two..  I took a deep breath in and decided to put all my energy so that my legs are  in the air when its captured… As he said three.. we all took a leap into the air in a random manner. All this happened in a jiffy and the first click Vivek got is probably the best till date from him who now owns a SLR!!

IDEA 1 implemented successfully and the product was the picture.

Fly in the air

IDEA 2 : To be continued….
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  1. NJ ecrit

    GOOD ONE DA…………… well the title WHAT AN IDEA SIRJEE is good…I must say you have written this pretty well….good description…..


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