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Make your own recipes

Cooking is an art by itself, an art which is not tough to master. Well, not cooking according to me it’s the presentation of what you cook is an art and you could be at your creative best. The reason is say that it’s not tough to master is because ‘Food’ is one thing that… Read More »

Gone for a Toss – My First Cocktail

Life is all about learning and updating the mini processor in our heads with knowledge. This knowledge can refer to anything and everything, starting from how to sweep or mop a floor to how to write a piece of code that is bug free even when it is tested by the world’s best tester. Let… Read More »

BOBB- for the people who want to cook things easily*

Ingredients: • Cooking oil- 3-4tsp • Mustard seeds-1 tsp • Jeera- 1 tsp • Groundnut seeds • Turmeric-1 tsp • Green Chilly- chopped • Curry leaves • Coriander leaves • Rice preferably Basmathi- 1.5 cup • Onion -3 • Green Brinjal – 2 • Garam Masala-2 tsp • Chilly Powder- 1 tsp • Salt •… Read More »

Tomato Paneer sandwich

I am fascinated about the art of cooking. It impresses me a lot and when I cook, it destresses me a lot. All the recipes posted here are my own. I believe that I have got a good sense of taste. The recipes, though they are mine have been tried and tested. Here’s my 3rd recipe. Tomato Paneer… Read More »

Egg Fried Rice

Just a few days back I tried preparing Egg Fried Rice at a friend’s place when his parents were out. And guess what?? It came out really well. I was on top of the world and so decided to share the recipe. Ingredients other than Salt, Garam Masala, Oil 1- Ginger garlic paste 2- Chopped… Read More »

French Fries…. Yummy!!!

I would like to share with everyone a recipe for making French Fries alias Fingerchips. It was 6th sem holiday time, one of my good pal Rahul from college calls me up and shares his recipe of French Fries. Now why do you think he called me and told??? Its because  both of us are… Read More »