The Garbage man

I sit in my living room, As i hear the the engine vroom I am mesmerized by the work that you do When i see, i ask my dad to Step out and show me what you do? I don’t know if its the machine that i am in awe Or the man who cleans… Read More »

What is my BHAG?

The company I am working for, asked me What is my BHAG? as part of an intro questionnaire to be shared with the broader. I was in a hurry to answer, but I missed reading what it stands for. I paused for a moment to be present and thats when my eyes read Big, Hairy,… Read More »

Publish blog posts from Github to

I decided to automate publishing my posts to dev and eventually any other personal blogs. Here is how I made it easier for myself to publish blog posts from github to

Ugliest language in India

Ugliest language in India? – I don’t think it exists. Today, I see the internet having lot of articles about how Google displayed an answer to the above question. Google’s answer was “Kannada” which happens to be my native language. Many people had already reported it and Google also offered an apology. The result now are about all articles about how google made this mistake.

How to create LogicalType in Apache Avro

I am writing this post to understand how to create a custom LogicalType in Apache Avro. It helps in enforcing strict schema validations for the data in transit as well as rest within their systems. Dividing this into broader sections: Define a schema using Avro IDL Generate Java classes using gradle avro plugin Define Custom… Read More »

We don’t need a PM for every problem!

Ever since the lock-down, I have been more active on Social media, online news portals and all other sources of entertainment on the web. The increased presence, noticing certain acts of people have provided me with some valuable learnings for life. This article is about my thoughts around the lessons I learnt.

Selenide – UI tests in minutes

Selenide provides the ability to create a project and start writing tests within minutes. It makes creating UI tests easy, simple and fast. It also works very well with Allure for reporting and Junit5 for tests.

Seattle and Kannada

During May 2018, the way Sahyadri Kannada Sangha celebrated Ugadi festival, inspired my wife to do a painting. It describes Seattle and Kannada in togetherness. I fell in love with that and below is the link where you can find that: I was wondering when will I be inspired so much to write something in… Read More »