Soda – Data Quality

Data quality is a nightmare when supporting multiple pipelines. Soda definitely is quick and easy to onboard and helps in monitoring the health.

The Garbage man

I sit in my living room, As i hear the the engine vroom I am mesmerized by the work that you do When i see, i ask my dad to Step out and show me what you do? I don’t know if its the machine that i am in awe Or the man who cleans… Read More »

What is my BHAG?

The company I am working for, asked me What is my BHAG? as part of an intro questionnaire to be shared with the broader. I was in a hurry to answer, but I missed reading what it stands for. I paused for a moment to be present and thats when my eyes read Big, Hairy,… Read More »

Publish blog posts from Github to

I decided to automate publishing my posts to dev and eventually any other personal blogs. Here is how I made it easier for myself to publish blog posts from github to