How I prepared for SFMC Admin certification

By | February 8, 2023

What is SFMC?

SFMC stands for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Its a digital marketing platform and helps in automating the multi-channel marketing. In simple terms it helps sending out communication to customers and also collect analytics based on how a customer engages with that communication. SFMC Admin is first step into learning more about the platform.

Why did I choose to get certified?

One word answer to this is ‘Curiosity’. Being an engineer in the customer and marketing domain, I was curious what happens next when data is sent to an Email service Provider (ESP). Below are some content that I referred to get SFMC Admin certified. SFMC Admin certification helps understand the platform at a broad level and a good entry point for further study.

Learning content

  • SFMC Admin Playlist by Trailblazing Together by @MCLearningCamp
  • Selected videos by Cameron Robert.
    • Helps in looking at the SFMC platform.
  • Access to the platform at work really helped me.
  • Trailhead
    • Pick and choose the trailmix you want to learn more about the platform.

Data engineering context

I mapped the below concepts in SFMC to the data engineering world which made it easier for me. Here are some of those:

Sl.NoSFMCData Engineering
1Data ExtensionsTables
2Contact ModelData Model
3Automation/JourneyData pipeline/workflow

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