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By | October 14, 2011
These days I’m against having firm ideas about anything, be it animal welfare or just a concept. I always want to leave room for someone else to say something new about it and be flexible, so that I would still be able to accept their point of view. To be a better friend to any of our friends, one must learn the art of compromising and not have fixed opinions and try proving that we are right.

To be a better friend and master the art of compromising, one should

  1. Try to understand any situation from your friend’s point of view and then respond
  2. RESPOND and do not react to anything. While reacting is just getting angry or upset over something that may have gone wrong, responding is trying to understand the situation and figuring out how to solve it rather than getting furious over it
  3. Offer advice and opinion when only asked and when absolutely needed to be passed on to your friends
  4. Provide help selflessly to friends when they are in need , even when you are not really keen on doing the task or have a distaste for it. You simply wish to help your friend 
  5. Listen sincerely without judging
  6. Never enforce your ideas on them, if you find them to disagree then simply agree to disagree
  7. Apologize when you feel you have made a mistake rather than giving importance to ego, you give more importance to the relationship that to all your ego
  8. You listen better to your friend’s criticism and try to become better rather than becoming defensive and taking things in the wrong way
  9. You trust your friend from heart and never doubt anything 
  10. Provide moral support and any kind of help when they are down
  11. Compromise! Compromise! Compromise! They are worth more than you proving that you are right to them. To lose in this game would actually make you a winner instead
  12. Appreciate and say nice things but dont be artificial when praising, say if from your heart
  13. FORGIVE your friends even if the mistake is totally on them and they are never going to admit it. You are nice person after all
  14. Accept that what is important for you need not necessarily be important for them 
  15. When you meet them after a long time, smile widely and receive them with happiness 

All of us would have lost so many friends over the years for various reasons, be it you have moved out to another city, another college, got placed in some other company, misunderstanding, or simply losing touch. But , if they were once upon a time close to you and have genuinely helped you that time, then you must try your best to set right the relationship and get back your old friends. In short, forgive those who didn’t stand by you, it makes you a better friend πŸ™‚ 

β€œ To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In

return, you will receive untold peace and happiness ”

You know that they are a part of your memories that you can never erase, so what are you waiting for? Go pick the mobile and make a call to them and say “hey! How You doin” πŸ™‚

Content Courtesy: Rhythm of an indian girl
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  1. Tanuja H

    hey this is really cool… following all these principles we could really b the best frnd 4 others


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