Phir Dil do Hockey Ko!!

By | February 27, 2012

As I walked down the lane in front of my house, I noticed a lot of markings which looked like goal posts. I saw a kid keeping his bat inside and getting just the wicket. In no time there he was out on the street with a group of friends and all of them with wickets in their hands. I was surprised and for a moment worried if these kids were going for an inter-lane war. To my surprise, the wickets were held upside down and with the sound of a whistle, the goalkeeper’s position was taken up by two of them. It was then that I realized that they were playing ‘Hockey’.
India’s National game, ‘HOCKEY’ has been demanding its share of publicity and awareness for quite some time.  The Indian team has now achieved more than that. Thanks to the splendid performance of the Indian Hockey team in the Olympic qualifiers. One name that stands out from the rest is the ace drag flicker Sandeep Singh, who is currently termed as the world’s best. It’s not just qualifying for the Olympics but remaining unbeaten in the qualifiers. Complementing this is the downfall of the Indian team in Australia. All big names have shoved their own grave, irrespective of their contributions in the past.
First of all congratulatory message to the Indian hockey team and at the same time, I would like to send a get well soon message for the Indian Cricket team as well.  I have always believed that everything in life exists in opposites, for example Birth and death. In the same way when one has failed, the other is rising to greater heights. A commendable improvement considering the performance in the qualifiers of the year 2008. The Cricket team is climbing down the ladder after the world cup win and the Hockey teams seems to be climbing up the ladder. Is this a sign that we are going to clinch the gold in the Olympics?

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