The Destined night at Chikmagalur

By | April 9, 2012

The discussion about Destiny, believers and non-believers was on among my office colleagues at a homestay near Chikmagalur. It was just after bonfire the talk about Destiny started. When there is birth, the first thing that is done after the registration of the birth is getting the Horoscope done of the baby. Depending on the time, date and the ‘position of stars’ a route map of life is made. It talks about all the ups and downs of your life and few people in business even go to the extent of telling what the baby will become? What the baby will be good at? When the baby will start walking?
I am not sure how this is done, but one thing I had like to tell which I have heard from a reliable source. Nowhere in the Vedas is it mentioned about predicting the future based on the stars. Its all about astronomy and not about astrology. I do not know how many would have chosen the path against their will, against their wish, against their intuition because of such predictions. The talk about destiny was going on under the night sky with innumerable number of stars twinkling but yet with all possibilities of them being dead at that moment. Tall trees were swaying around as if they were nodding for each of our statements and opinions.
Destiny can only be used for things that have happened in the past. If a person tries to live in the present thinking that he destined to be someone tomorrow, no matter what destiny will not work. Destiny works like the dialogue in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’. Jab aap shiddat kuch chahathe ho, toh poori kayanath miljathi hain thumari madath keliye. If you really wish for something and then work towards it then everything will fall in place for you. A 5% of your life is something that is not in your hands. The situations are out of control and you have no hold on the outcome. When the outcome of such a situation is what you desired, you call it ‘Destiny’.
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7 thoughts on “The Destined night at Chikmagalur

  1. Rashmi

    i agree to what u told……….i have just experienced the same last week……..phew….

  2. innocenticide

    all this about stars or astronomy or astrology wouldn have existed if "science" hadnt happened to human mind….. the development of these sciences have taken their toll on us…..with science i mean sciences of all the fields …. all domains ….
    and this so called "science" is what the humans have made out of their inquisitive curious minds in order to understand his surroundings and to complete the chain of action and reaction……science always looks at truely concluding things but not convincing on the other hand……
    "time" is one such trick that we all know off….. though we have convinced our mind that time exists and we measure it using our inventions…. it so happens that many times we fail to feel the passage of time…… that is when we are so much within us… that…. no such rules that we build outside this body works…… meaning…. we made the rules…. and we made our mind believe that we cant break them….. to play safe we have induced fear in us…… that will never let us break free…. but…….( you know know what am gonna say)… we forgot the fundamentals…… like many great men say… " we are the true makers of our fate " …. this applies to only those who believe in themselves…. its the " will " from inside the mind that is so important to see things "possible" outside…. i'd like to call the word "will" … as both mother and father and the word "possibility" as their child…. without the parents… there is no child….

    even bullshit starts making sense when people start believing in it…. and post your belief is where the doors of "hope" opens up and the track or "the road to destiny is laid "……
    before that its very important to realise what to believe and what not to …. one wrong move there will cost you a bomb…. not like thats the end…. life has shortcuts like like any other application on a computer…. just that we dont know them.. cause again (we lost the fundamentals )

    "am with you anil….. for what you wrote …. good one mate… i wish it were to be a little longer than what am seeing…..

  3. The Dark Horse

    Ya it was..what we call one hell of a night. people rarely get this kind rare oppurtunity to witness a debate of such stature blessed with the benign presence of some well known personalities like Ms. Shagun Sharma, Mr Hardik Patel, Mr Vishwamitra Mishra and of course Mr. Anil Kulkarni. Though the debate kissed upon a wide range of topics but the one that drew furious fireballs from opposing groups was DESTINY. Most of us obviously believed the obvious that you need to make your own destiny.Shagun was the lone wolf who was resisting till the end with the otherwise(Even though Mr Hardik supported her for long, but he too backed off in the last moments sensing the overt supremacy of the opposition and his trivial chances of winning this debate. He made full use of the night's darkness to escape unnoticed :)).

    Kudos to Anil for depicting the event in such an exhaustive way and one thing is for sure, whatever the outcome of the debate was, it did enhance the frenship among all the participants and gave us fond memories to cherish. Cheers 🙂

  4. synthesis

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