Why this Female Feticide?

By | May 7, 2012

The first thing I did was to thank god after watching the first episode of Satyamev Jayate. I have not born to such a family and neither have I been brought up with such people around me and therefore I have no influence on my character by such kind of inhumane people who do not know the value of life. If you ask me all people involved should be punished as per the law, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Or maybe we should hang them in public and make sure they are beaten up. For a few people its enough even if their name comes out saying that these are involved. Well, when I started thinking what all are the causes that are leading to such brutal killings where the new born is not even allowed to feel its mother’s touch but instead flushed off.
I have seen the 9 month journey of motherhood of a close family member of mine and I could sense the feeling of satisfaction, happiness and excitement at the same time in the mother’s face. She was concerned every moment about the small one inside her womb. Let me list out the top reasons according to me why Female Feticide happens:
  1.  I was of the impression that inequality exists in villages, but I have realized its existent everywhere. The female is not treated equally as a male and that is why nobody wants a female child.
  2.  In India it was of the impression that females are designed for household work. Well, it might have been right some years back, but now things are changed. I can see there a lot of people who cannot handle if the female achieves big things in life. Most of the guys wants their partner to work to be financially stable, but when the partner starts earning accolades, the guy cant handle it.
  3. People do not have an open mind and independent thinking.  The guy can get easily influenced by his mother or mother can be influenced easily by the son or some crappy neighbors. Its important that one develops the ability to decide on his own between good and bad, right and wrong.
  4. The Indian marriage culture, where everything is to be done by the girl’s family. This is happening because people do not really understand the concept of marriage. Marriages have become an occasion where one needs to spend money.
  5. Also the kind of people who demand dowry and if not provided, the female is assaulted and abused again.
  6.  We have seen a lot of sexual harassment cases against women especially places like Noida, and we don’t get to know what happens to the culprits. As far as I am concerned they should be castrated then and there. No matter how responsible and safe you try to be, there are all chances of the same things happening to any of our closed ones. People are not ready to take that responsibility.
  7.  Lack of education in people. Why the sex ratio of country should be balanced? The ratio of women to men is a powerful indicator of the social health of any society.
  8.  People want to have a son to grow their family, but not a female who can bring some light into their lives.

My mother says, the ultimate religion in life is humanity then comes all other castes we have created for our convenience. Considering the pace at which corruption and other stuff are growing I doubt if that will happen. Atleast if one person feels what’s written is partially true, I am happy that I could sprinkle something in the big ocean.

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