Wind, Window and …

By | April 22, 2012
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The all night rain had created a fresh aroma in the surrounding. As I woke up and stretched my arms, I felt refreshed and energetic. Without much anticipation I parted the curtains to have a look outside the window of my room and the view made my lips curve and I was smiling. The window of my room is facing the road and a part of the compound wall has been used as a mini-garden. There are two flower plants one rose and the other hibiscus.  The leaves of the hibiscus plant were deep green in color and they were dancing to the tunes of the cool air. I noticed some dew drops on the leaves and when I was about to turn back and get ready for office, I noticed a drop of dew hanging on to the edge of the leaf. It was as if the drop was clinging onto the leaf and it dint want to fall down reminding me of the movie Cliff Hanger. I instantly wanted to capture this, but I had been delaying the desire of buying a DSLR for myself. My eyes caught another mesmerizing view, it was the deep red hibiscus flowers in full bloom and such flowers are believed to imbibe romanticism in anyone. Again one cannot say if it is something to do with the color or the flower. All these moments, the fragrance in the air, the lush green leaves and the deep red hibiscus flowers imbibed a positive energy in me and had made me amorous.
With lot of positive energy i got ready to board the early morning bus to my office. I was smiling all the way as I walked towards the bus-stand. People looking at me were wondering if something was wrong with me. But I made sure that I smiled at them too. I was living life every moment breathing deeply, at times trying to imitate Ramdev Babaji. The bus arrived and each of us boarded and occupied the seats in a hurry. I chose a window seat in the two-seater row and it was the 3rd row. The window seat is something that I have loved as a kid. For me its like a view to the outside world from where you get to see lot of new things and learn from them. Sometimes you feel thankful to god when you see people walking in the puddle of water when it rains. Cogitated with all these, i slid the glass pane to open the window to feel the freshness in the air. I was so much involved in these thoughts that I dint realize that the bus had moved quite a distance from where I boarded it. If it wasn’t for the sweet voice from front which said, “Excuse me! Can you please open this side of the window as well? “, I would have still been in my own world of thoughts. I don’t know if this was meant for me but I made sure that I was the one who opened the window for the lady with the sweet voice seated in the 2nd row window seat. When you listen to such sweet voices, you start imagining the face of the girl and so did I start imagining things. My imagination came to a halt when strands of her reddish brown hair made their way through the passage between the window and the seat. I wanted to touch and feel her hair, not sure if it was of her hair but I sensed a beautiful fragrance around me. It was indeed the game of the wind through the window.
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