Burrps and Farts!!

By | March 12, 2012
Few days back I read an article on Restaurant etiquette for gentleman or for that matter it might apply for all the ladies out there as well. Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group as per the definition in Wikipedia. The word came into existence during the year 1750. The source of the word is the French word étiquette. I am more interested in the people who wrote the lines under different sections, rather categories of etiquettes. How can some set of people just jot down some rules or in a more common man term ‘Manners’ for other people to follow. There is obviously no legal action taken for not complying with them, but yeah you could get a good stare from the fellows who endorse these rules.

When a baby is fed, the mother waits for the burp from the baby. Burp is the release of accumulation of gas in the digestive tract or in case of infants, let me call it as stomach. This is a natural process and as a baby each one of us would have burped. I even remember when we had played games like ‘Loudest Burp’, ‘Longest burp’ after consuming significant amount of soft drinks. Most of us burp after a good meal and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it as its part of the design. Since the time the student inside me became a professional, I have had my share of people staring when there’s a burp. When I think of one of the point about Burps in the etiquette list, we need to apologize to the people around maybe because we are disturbing their personal space.
Personal space according to me is, a circle with a diameter equal to distance between the fingertips when the both the arms are stretched out horizontally at the shoulder level. In this ever growing population the number of times we get personal space in a day is very less. How on earth are we supposed to control these burps and how many times? The same thing can be applied to Farts as well.
Fart is common term used for ‘Flatulence’. As a baby, the fart is the significance of bowel activity for the mother. She can get prepared with all the utilities required when her baby farts. I remember discussing with some of my friends that how it feels when you fart while riding a bike. There have been incidents when you see bubbles in a swimming pool and the next moment you are out of it. I understand that it does cause a discomfort for others, but isn’t this a natural phenomenon again? Also, it can contribute to Humor in life to a larger context. You can keep on laughing all day when you think of some old school incident of a weird fart sound from a very lean person. One last point on farts, it’s funny only when it doesn’t trickle up your nostrils and even if it does, the Olfaction fails to depict its contents.
All I want to say is, we need manners to lead a decent life and off course we have to be socially responsible but not by controlling our burps and farts which are a natural process. We could be socially responsible in other better ways. Treating every other person you meet as another human is enough to get the tag of a ‘decent, respectful life’ and not by controlling your burp and fart when the person is around.
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6 thoughts on “Burrps and Farts!!

  1. Tany

    Haha…Extremely funny…Love the way you think about small stuff..maybe that's the job of a writer!
    Burrrp!!..Sorry! 😀

  2. Rakshith M

    The definition of normal is what makes the society to point out the differences among people. We all work to be very normal and accept it’s right, but we are appreciated when we break these norms and walk up to set trends.
    Nice write-up on challenging the norms


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