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By | September 25, 2016
Deepti Aggarwal

Deepti Aggarwal

This conversation is with a passionate crafter, who helped me convey love to my partner. Although I gifted it to her years back, my wife still cherishes it and helps us fall in love all again. The masterpiece she created for me was definitely 10 times more than what I expected. She is the owner of Vishesh Collections and has won many crafting challenges and competitions.

I found Deepti Aggarwal, the crafter that I am talking about on a facebook page or probably on a public forum that my company runs. After looking at her work, there was no second thoughts and my order was in. This conversation is with her, it is my attempt to get to know her better and also my way of introducing her to my readers.

AK: For the readers, what’s your name? Maybe you can include what you want the readers to know about you?
Deepti: I am Deepti Aggarwal from Vishesh Collections.

AK: As a kid what were your hobbies?
Deepti:I still remember, as a kid I loved drawing and upcycling.

AK: When did you find out about your passion towards crafts?
Deepti: I think the interest was always there but it turned in to a passion when fortunately or unfortunately I had to quit my job due to a medical reason during my first pregnancy in  Jan 2009. Because I can’t sit idle , I thought of making something handmade for my hubby for the Valentine. I goggled for handmade valentine gifts and came across to quilling and made my first quilled card . After that there was no looking back.

AK: What is your educational background?
Deepti: I have an MBA degree in Human Resource.

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AK: One place that you rely on for your crafting supplies in India and UK?
Deepti: One place in India that I rely most for my crafty needs is Itsy Bitsy and in UK it’s HobbyCraft.

AK: How did vishesh collection happen? Is there a story to tell about how it came into existence?
Deepti: It all started with quilling and when I started browsing blogs for tips, techniques and tutorials, I landed in this whole new world of card-making and scrapbooking. My younger brother Aashish played a very important role in this journey by promoting my handmade cards to his friends from where I got my first order as well. He is the one who pushed me to have a webpage to display my handmade stuffs and also created one. Next we had a brainstorming session for the website name. Because the products are very special & for the special ones, we named it ‘Vishesh Collections’.

AK: What is the best recognition/award that you have won till date?
Deepti: When my 7 year old told her teacher about my occupation as “The best Crafter in the world”.

AK: Where do you see vishesh collections in the next 3 years?
Deepti: Never thought about it but i feel crafting is a costly hobby so I expect it to become self sustainable by that time.

AK: What is price range of your wonderful craft work?
Deepti: It ranges from Rs.60 to Rs. 4000.

AK: Where can people reach you to shop or place a custom order? Please mention where all you ship it to?
Deepti: They can reach me through my website www.visheshcollections.com , at facebook page – visheshcollections or mail me at visheshcollections@gmail.com . I ship my products worldwide with actual shipping cost borne by customer.

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AK: Your favorite quote? And why?
Deepti: I strongly believe in this quote “Dreams Do Come True” because everything big starts with a dream. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

AK: It was nice talking to you. One last thing, What is the next challenge you are taking up as a crafter?
Deepti: I am working towards having my own you tube channel.

Please do visit her page on Facebook and see her work. I am sure you will fall in love with them.

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