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By | October 1, 2016


Digit is a lifestyle service which helps people get into good financial habits according to me. Its been almost an year and a half that it is helping me inculcate good financial habits. When I am saying lifestyle service, how one manages his finance is one of the attribute that defines it. I signed up for their service, only after I got to know that they have been funded by Google Ventures.

I can categorize my interaction with Digit in three steps. They have kept it really simple and makes it easy to track your savings. Most importantly you are not charged anything.

  • Register on their website.
  • Connect your Checking account.
  • Interact and save from your phone.

Digit keeps eating, rather saving your money from the Checking account and as well sends a text message about the transactions. You can instruct it to save more or save less right from your phone just by a text message.  They also offer a bonus depending on how long you keep the money with them.  Its a very simple service and has been of very help to me.

Their app is available on both iOS and Android . The dashboard on their webpage shows different metrics and gives you total control over how much it takes from your account. You are free to withdraw the complete amount at any moment since the service is not bound by any contracts.

Who should use this service?

People who don’t want to put an effort in saving some part in their regular income. This gives you the flexibility to choose how aggressively you can save, flexibility over withdrawal of the same. Having this flexibility over your financial habits will always help. Digit also offers  referral benefits for the first five referrals that you do. If you would like try their service, here’s a link.

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I have personally used their service and still using it. Happy saving and I hope you like this lifestyle service too.

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