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By | April 12, 2012
So here’s the first Interview post of my blog. For this I had to choose someone whose doing something different and so did I. He’s my high school mate with whom I got in touch again because of his work. 

AK: Hey Macha wassup?
Answer: I am doing great dude,enjoying work and enjoying life.

AK: For the readers, what your name? Maybe you can include what you want the readers to know about you?
Answer: My name is shreevyas.

AK: What do you do for a
Shreevyas: I work as freelancer and I design logos.

AK: What are the most memorable moments in your life? (Any 2)
Shreevyas: It’s very hard to pick .I guess my most memorable moment was when my first designed was approved.

AK: Who is your best friend?
Shreevyas: I am usually not good @ socialising and spend most of the time alone especially while brainstorming ,so i guess my best friend is myself.

AK: How did you get into designing logos?
Shreevyas: I started as a webdesigner and later stumbled upon some of the works of my teacher @ arena institute which
made me to take a plunge into logo designing.Iam designing logos from past 2 years and still learning the art.

AK: Who was your first client?
Shreevyas: My first client was a consultant from uk ,I designed him a logo for a live music concert organizing company.

AK: What are tools you use for designing? Also, what all do you ask from the client so that you can
come up with the logo?
Shreevyas: I use adobe illustrstor,which is a vector software. It’s very important to understand the brands background ,so will try to collect all kind of information regarding their brand, also need to understand their competitors so that their concept doesn’t collide with my clients interests.

AK: Can you provide the link of your logos?
Shreevyas: My logos

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AK: Your favorite quote? And why?
Shreevyas: “Thats been one of my mantras:focus and simplicity.Simple can be harder than complex:You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simpler.”……Steve jobs.
Simplicity is that one design rule that you should never overlook.If your design is too simple,it might lose it’s appeal.Making your design too busy and you could confuse the viewers.When designing,be sure to create a balance and always search for both positive and negative feedback.

AK: Please provide contact details if anybody wants help in designing logos.
Shreevyas: shreevyas.bs@gmail.com

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  1. Anil Kulkarni

    Please let me know what exactly you would like to share. If it impresses me then a quick chat with you is for sure 🙂


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