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By | April 15, 2012

Here’s my second Interview post of a friend who for me is technically sound and strong individual in his own field. Its not just about having the knowledge but also about sharing it with others.

AK: For the readers, what’s your name? Maybe you can include what you want the readers to know about you?
Vish: I would like to be called as Vish

AK: What do you do for a living? And what do you do for happiness?
Vish: I am Software Engineer. I love working on Excel Macros. I am very eager to learn new things in excel Macro every day.

AK: What are the most memorable moments in your life? (Any 2)
Vish: There are so many to tell. It is hard to decide only 2 out of them.
i)Jeep Ride to Hebbe Falls ii) My failure in the Group Discussion round of Campus Selection.

AK: Who is your best friend?
Vish: Indeed a difficult question, because I have many.

AK: How did you develop the interest in Excel macros?
Vish: When I joined Infosys, I did not know anything about Excel Macros. I did not know even that there is a thing like this also in Excel. In My first Project in Infosys in 2007, I saw many tools based on Excel Macro. I got interest to learn, how exactly it works. Later on I realized, that this is a very rich technology, still very easy and cheap. This can be very much useful and interesting for small scale business. From there I started exploring about Excel Macro.

AK: If you had to choose one favorite song, which one?
Vish: Again a tough question. Basically I like Melody songs. Chand Mera Dil.. Chandni ho tum

AK: Few tips for people (Beginners) who are interested to learn about Excel, VBA, Macros?
Vish: For learning Excel Macro, I would suggest first learn about excel. Learn and do hands-on of all types of Formulas and other options. Then you can start with the Excel Macro. You need not to purchase costly books and all for starting. Help Page of the Excel, is so reach, if you go through it and practice it, you will become master in Excel. For advanced coding techniques and all you will have to refer some other Books and Blogs, but for starting Help page itself is enough.

AK: Can you provide the link of your website?
AK: Your favorite quote? And why?
Vish: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. (By Aristotle)– So never think that you cannot Achieve Excellence in anything. Make that thing your habit and Excellence is there. Make Excel Macro your habit and Excellence is right there.

AK: Please provide contact details if anybody wants help in Excel macros
Vish: You can email me : Info@LearnExcelMacro.com or Login to http://www.LearnExcelMacro.com

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  2. cyril

    Hi I need to remove repeated words or texts from a single cell example: Cyril Swaris Cyril Swaris n/a n/aa. Output: Cyril swaris


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