Bend my head down

By | September 20, 2016
Bend down my head

Bend down my head

I took my seat and started wondering where I am and where I was going. The people around me are interesting and their face said each of them have a story to tell. A story about their lives  and each story had the possibility of being different.  I started looking at everyone around me, the features of their faces were different. No two people looked the same.

Some were on chairs and some were standing, but yet different features on their faces. I begin to wonder if we all are connected in a way, maybe I should talk to them and get to know their stories. An insight into their lives would help us get connected better. While I was thinking this, there was a woman probably in her 30s her head bent down as if she was in shame. I was looking at her back and wondered why she has put her head down.

So I moved on to another person, a teenage boy, he definitely has a big smile on his face. I couldn’t read his eyes, but he had a shaved head and to my surprise he had his head bent down too. I moved on to another person, an old lady. Life had taken its toll on her and the wrinkles on her hands made me feel she had aged gracefully. She wore a red color handbag with a unique warli design printed on it. She wore spectacles, and had a mole on her ears. But she had her head down too, once in a while lifting it up and looking straight. In my attempt to connect to three persons, all had their head down and it made me question myself why this is happening.

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I moved on to other people around me, a man in his 40s, before I tried to look at his face I noticed his head was down. He was on a chair and I noticed he wore a suit and has a briefcase on his lap. This made me quickly scan through different set of people and everyone had their head down. My attempt to establish a connection has failed and therefore no stories to tell. I didn’t know what to do now but without giving any thought, put my hands in my pocket. Took out my Mobile and liked a pic on a social media site, commented on some random article, tweeted something and in this process I had bent my head down too!

The bus reached my destination, I got up from my seat and out of the bus. Soon I was in my car driving back home.  In this world that runs on technology, are we just living a virtual life? Creating our own alter ego and making it look best to the someone else’s shadow present on the web. We have created another world filled with usernames, passwords and profiles which has led to creation of many fake profiles.

These are the days when ‘connectivity’ means an internet connection, once in a while lets share our stories and have a p2p (person to person) connection.

11 thoughts on “Bend my head down

  1. Rashmi Lingappa

    Brilliant! just loved the way how you have started the article with different faces and explaining how they look and end it with an amazing life lesson. P2P connection is long lost because of all the virtual connections we have!

  2. Rajlakshmi

    Sometimes I feel weird when I am looking outside the window watching the scene, while others are staring at their phones. Connectivity has a whole new meaning now. I loved the way you described the whole scene. Great way to put across your message.

    1. anilkulkarni Post author

      Am glad you you were able to connect withe same thoughts. Connection has got an altogether different meaning these days 🙂

  3. Ramya

    Wonderfully written! How true we have created a false world around us 🙁
    Let’s make all possible effort to get out of it!


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