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The review of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’

Intense, Humorous, Thought provoking, Effective, Educative!!! I entered the cinema hall with a delay of 5 minutes along with a group of friends. The interview of Chambal Valley’s dreaded Dacoit Paan Singh Tomar had already started. Brijender Kala, playing the role of the reporter leaves an impact on the audience, albeit his screen presence is… Read More »

The Famous five – Real | Unreal

It was one of those days in school, when you walk slowly to your classrooms after the Games period. The black shoes had turned brown due to the dust and the walk was real slow. If I can recollect, we were around five(from what I remember) of us walking at the end. Nikhil, me, guess… Read More »

Phir Dil do Hockey Ko!!

As I walked down the lane in front of my house, I noticed a lot of markings which looked like goal posts. I saw a kid keeping his bat inside and getting just the wicket. In no time there he was out on the street with a group of friends and all of them with… Read More »

Random Lines

The thoughts of my mind are so subtle To comprehend them and make them unsubtle I need some space for myself and my mind To put them together and get them entwined And make them grow into a tree I visit them again and again like a marquee Something reminds me that i am part… Read More »

The review of A Dirty Picture

Disclaimer: All statements made here are just a personal ‘Opinion’ and the content might reveal certain parts of the movie. With all due respect to the acting prowess of Vidya Balan (Silk), i would want to say that i somehow did not like the movie. But as the character of Emran Hashmi (Abraham) falls in… Read More »

Screams in the Land of Dreams!! – Nov 26th!!!

We started the day With the whistling train Happy and gay Unknown of the wicked brain Kids played on the plain In the November rain Few went in search of work Was it their bad luck?? The ‘Others’ entered the sea We could hardly see The ride till the gate was free Others were more… Read More »

Suicide : An Easy Solution?

I was very happy when one of my friend said that he was never worried about anything in life. He made me look worried the next moment by saying, “The reason is i have the option of ending my life if things go wrong“. Is Suicide growing as an easy solution to face things in… Read More »

In memory of a friend on Children’s Day

A lot of memoirs are part of this date Events that were designed by fateSome made up for a celebrationAnd other brought in images of a cremation A friend who is no moreThe emptiness making our lives sourThis was the day he came on to earthA great friend had taken his birth These thoughts recur… Read More »


Hopping on a ray of hope Never say ‘Nope’ Dont lose it with a dope Nor with a hanging rope You know the history And future is a mystery Make your life more glittery By stopping the negatives like a sentry Think about being detahced When you are attached About something that you want So… Read More »