The review of A Dirty Picture

By | December 3, 2011
Disclaimer: All statements made here are just a personal ‘Opinion’ and the content might reveal certain parts of the movie.

With all due respect to the acting prowess of Vidya Balan (Silk), i would want to say that i somehow did not like the movie. But as the character of Emran Hashmi (Abraham) falls in love with whom he hated i started thinking of the positive side of it.. Abraham always wants to win over Silk and prove a point of his own. Every-time he tries something for that, he gets one step closer to her and ends up with tears in his eyes.

Just like that in the same way, i was thinking why i really did not like the movie and ended up getting some ‘+1s’ about the movie. When the Promos of the movie were released, it became a rage about the exposure and it was obvious that all posters had an ‘A’ inserted on them. A movie based on southern seductress’ life – So you cant really complain about the costumes.

My first impression was that of a shock seeing the evolution of Vidya Balan from Parineeta to DP. In terms of acting each actor is competing to be the best. I really appreciate the ease at which Vidya Balan was when she was wearing the skimpy clothes and even when she was exposing her prosthetic paunch. And yes she really will be at the top competing for the ‘Best Actress’ award. Naseeruddin Shah – its better i dont say much about him. Just Brilliant performance. Bappi Lahiri’s golden voice still has the same magic. ‘Ooh La la, Ooh la la’ will be hummed by everyone who listen to it and its gonna stay for sometime. Maybe cos everyone has fantasies!

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Now coming ot the purpose of the movie or something that i got from the movie, it showed the background of certain B grade movies and what makes women choose to do them. The sole reason being the urgency in gaining ‘FAME’ and being the talk of the town without thinking of the consequences it brings to their life. ‘Jab sharafath ke kapde utharthe hain tho sabse maza shareefoko hi aatha hain‘, it does really make sense isn’t it?

It also shows the exploitation of women and will surely make you think when you decide to watch a movie of that type and probably decide not to watch it.
In real life, ‘Silk‘ chose this path of gaining fame and when she had it, it was too much to handle probably because of the kind of Fame she had earned. I could see some shades of the movie ‘Fashion’ in it showing how success makes man, rather woman go crazy. The movie also captures how media play a role in a star’s life.

I do not know the crowd toward which this movie was directed. Is it for the women who want choose that career? Is it for people who watch and whistle for such movies? Is it for making money? But it does manage to tell us the hard reality of people who are involved in the making of those sort of movies.

Some things to watch out:

  • The beginning of the movie – you would love it. The magic of South Indian Music.
  • The Costumes designed for Vidya Balan before she became a word of mouth.
  • Naseer’s introduction scene and his shirtless dance.
  • The dialogues of the movie which make a lot of sense when you think the other way.
  • Emraan Hashmi’s lucky again with a good song for himself.
  • Probably Vidya Balan’s best act.
  • Tushaar Kapoor’s dance in his room.
All in all the movie has a bold first half and a sensible second half. Go for it if you want to see Vidya Balan and stories behind the life of certain kind of actress.

I would give it 3/5.

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5 thoughts on “The review of A Dirty Picture

  1. Anand Kumar G

    Wow what a picture man , superb , what a dialog s , what a movie after so much time its a must must must watch movie , you will be missing something if u don't watch , because on television most of the movie would be edited , must watch enlightened me , Excellent movie

  2. Dhakkanz

    Yeah! "'Jab sharafath ke kapde utharthe hain tho sabse maza shareefoko hi aatha hain'…This dialogue really makes lot of sense and an awesome one!!


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