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By | September 2, 2015


Disclaimer: This review or perception has Spoilers!

The time when this movie was announced, it has had a lot of popping eyes on it and waiting to watch. and there are a couple of reasons for it. One, the fact that its being directed by Upendra and the other fact being that its a sequel to his superhit film titled Upendra again. The lead character of which had the name ‘Naanu‘ meaning ‘I‘ or myself. The sequel is titled UPPI2.

I think that much intro was very much required for this post of mine and before i go ahead with further details, below are a few lines rather one-liner about the movie:

  • The movie ended, the credits rolled and I was still sitting in my seat thinking. i also thought the guts this guy must have had to make a movie of this kind and produce it himself too.
  • Even when the credits were rolling, the lights weren’t switched on in the theatre. Seemed like even they didn’t feel that the movie has ended.

As the movie began with nice introduction song sung by Puneet RajKumar, the lines of which have been penned smartly. It is apt to the movie as well a famous south indian dish Uppittu and also the name of the movie Uppi2. Most of us knew very well in advance that the lead character in this movie is known by ‘Neenu‘ meaning You. The scene where there is a blank white screen for almost a minute or two on the screen, which actually puts the audience in thought as to whats gonna happen. Also from the first scene himself he makes each viewer a part of the movie.
Soon after the blank screen he explains about the monkeyness of the human mind and how rapidly it keeps changing its thoughts and never stays in one thought. By this time most of us might have felt is this a documentary movie? But soon after that the movie starts from where it had ended in its prequel. The lead character Neenu is introduced who is a person who lives in the present and doesnt think about anything else. Some of the situations establish it aptly and you tend to feel to follow his principles in real life, but the very next moment we also doubt whether it can be possible in reality.
A master in reverse screenplay, has a different kind of screenplay in this movie and here he plays with the thoughts of the audience and hence the a few scenes of how human mind works thinking about Past, Present and Future. His attempt to make the audience a part of the journey is commendable. As the second half starts, the character ‘Naanu’ from this prequel comes on screen and then its a roller coaster ride.
It has different perspectives and you can get multiple stories out of it and here’s where the tough part of review comes into picture. I probably will have to see the movie again, but from my viewpoint, each of the story or flashback that is shared with the lead female character is like a thought embedded in the that character’s head as well as the audience. He goes on to say that the present moment is the truth and you need to give your 100% to it. Some of the questions might remain unanswered and for that i will definitely have to watch it again. He has subtle ways of telling that ‘Money’ and ‘Happiness’ are not the same by naming the characters as ‘Laxmi’ and ‘Khushi’. The thoughts of the characters become the thoughts of the audience and leads to lot of side plots in the movie.
When the movie comes to an end, you actually see the beginning and then its a cycle of thoughts again. After the movie I did watch some of Upendra’s interviews on TV and got his perspective and then I felt he is really daring to make a movie on his thoughts. He has always been a direct

or who has a strong message but tells it entertainingly.

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Like Kashinath said, its a movie which is different and entertaining as well.

Things to watch out for:

  • Every scene so that you dont feel left out at the end.
  • The music by Gurukiran is definitely a highlight.
  • Almost all the songs has an alternate deep meaning or thought with it.
  • Upendra’s performance.
  • His appearance and apparel when he appears as Naanu.
I would rate this movie a 3.5/5.
Here is a poem about the movie: Upendra found Uppi2

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