The Review of Rangitaranga – No Spoilers!

By | August 14, 2015


It was months ago when I had first seen the trailer of the movie on YouTube and to be true it didn’t haunt me much, but the shots compiled in the trailer were impressive. I was hoping that this movie would release during my vacation to India and it was exactly went against my wish. Once the movie released, there was a slow build up of appreciation for the entire cast and crew and what a movie it has been. The ratings at IMDb were also very impressive and that triggered lot of people in the overseas requesting for a release. I think this is the one of the Kannada movies which got such a big release overseas. Fortunately, Seattle was one place where it was and as I write this is still being screened.  We watched this movie First Day first show on Aug 13th, 2015. Here’s my review, rather thoughts about the movie and I have purposefully not disclosed certain things so that I don’t spoil the fun for the readers who haven’t watch the movie yet.
Thrilling, Humorous, Mysterious, Musical and the list can be never ending.
After all the credits are done, the movie starts off with a scene which mainly says, being on phone and driving, that too in rain can cause a lot of accidents and so there is an accident which provokes your thinking hat trying to link it to every scene in the movie after that. Albeit, The movie begins with a mysterious incident, there are a lot of humorous shots right after that, changing the mood of the people in the cinema hall. Another catchy part of the movie is the way the camera is handled and the shots. The essence or beauty of the location is captured extremely well. The team might be new, the product isn’t! Dialogue King SaiKumar’s presence adds a lot of weight to the movie and the way he navigates through his lines, is probably better than anyone else. Music is another aspect of this music which is amazing and I don’t have enough words to describe that. At the end of the first half, the way you perceived each of the scene till then changes and your thoughts channeled in a whole new perspective. I can only say what a twist!
The movie continues from where it left, slowly opening up some of the mysteries and at times you kind of start thinking again as to who the characters are really. At this moment, I could hear conversations around me, people creating there own stories and predicting the next part of the movie in their own context. I personally liked the first half more and I felt not a scene was wasted during that. Coming to the second half, at some point of time you might feel that, some scenes or the situation of the songs weren’t required. But considering the song, the way its shot, I was OK with it. The lead actors Nirup, Avantika, Radhika have all performed equally well and Nirup’s voice was equally good when compared to SaiKumar. Everyone else have justified their characters and there is one other character which stands out but has very minute screen presence is Angaara! The person really fits into that character. The mystery has built up by this stage and you are nearing the climax, there were some who had guessed it I believe, but I couldn’t. The climax in this movie, I felt could have been more dramatic, especially some of the scenes. For the built up or the hype that has been created till now, it demanded more dramatic climax (I really do not want to mention which scene though). I think the team has had a hard time editing this movie but the script has great grip and Anup Bhandari has done a great job directing it. The locations chosen have been very apt, music – top notch, background score – scintillating. The  entire album is running in loop from the time I have walked out of theater.
I would rate the movie a 4/5.
Things to watch out for:
  • The Music is top notch especially the songs.
  • Be ready to get addicted to the songs of this movie.
  • Sai Kumar’s performance.
  • The character Angaara.
  • THE MOVIE by itself!
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