Something inspired me….

By | July 23, 2008
May 6th, 2008(Tuesday), a week after my brother’s wedding and I was done with my 3rd internals in college. Being known as the laziest animal in my house I slowly got up at 7.30am, confused and thinking whether I’ll go to college or not, took bath and got ready by 8.30am, I mean I was all ready to leave for college. The doorbell rang, I opened the door and heard ‘Happy Birthday Anil’. Oh my God!!! It was a pleasant surprise to me and yes, it was my 21st birthday. Friends from college had come here just to wish, they’d travelled around 15kms when petrol prices were sky rocketing. They had got a pastry (Yummy!!!), I offered them breakfast. They presented me a collage made by a friend(Ashish), it had the snaps of all the college friends. The moment i saw that I decided to make one myself for another friend. That was how learnt few stuff in Photoshop. Below is the collage i was presented.

I’ll write about some of my works in photoshop soon…

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2 thoughts on “Something inspired me….

  1. ashish

    cool! very constructive idea to pick, being the laziest guy! and also from u’r orkut albums, great work on photoshop! the student’s surpassed the teacher!


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