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Penned – This is a poem, rather a song that was penned for the special partner in my life. It was penned years ago, but never made public. Today I am making this public as part of the #DailyChatter campaign I have sung many a song Here’s one penned to stay for long, I gotta… Read More »

Mother and her Love

He danced his heart out on the stage for ‘Kick’ Dance show along with his equally wonderful partner. Although they were kids, the performance was no less than a veteran dancer. The entire act was dedicated to all the mothers. It made the judges emotional and they were taking their own time to speak about… Read More »

There is Nothing

There’s nothing about the way the hair falls on your face if you are wondering how great it is, just in case your walk is just like any other woman I have seen Before you think why I am being so mean I’d like to tell, you are the one When you are around Its… Read More »