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Penned – This is a poem, rather a song that was penned for the special partner in my life. It was penned years ago, but never made public. Today I am making this public as part of the #DailyChatter campaign

I have sung many a song
Here’s one penned to stay for long,

I gotta know u, u gotta know me
Never had a clue you were meant for me,

Now that I know you are the one
Who brings the rays from the beautiful sun,

Look into my eyes
Ma Lady you are my spice,

Everything happens for a reason
Oh baby lets make our own season,

I love you and for you I die
I wanna be your guy,

Eliminate in your mind the weeds
Realize that they aren’t our needs,

Am here to plant the love seed
To flowerise your future deeds,

You’ve a thousand thoughts in your mind
Gimme a chance to put them behind,

And I’ll reside in all your thoughts
I wanna be the one to tie the Three sacred knots,

When You’ve something to say
I promise I’ll listen and stay,

Break yourself into me
I’ll mould and make u rush into me,

You’re one in a billion
I promise kisses in million,

Take me into you
Without any clue,

Suffocate me in your love, so that I go blue
Oh Baby, I love you!!!
I Love You!!

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