There is Nothing

By | March 23, 2015
There’s nothing about the way the hair falls on your face
if you are wondering how great it is, just in case
your walk is just like any other woman I have seen
Before you think why I am being so mean
I’d like to tell, you are the one
When you are around Its so much fun
And when you are not
Oh! that’s not what I want.There’s nothing about the way you look
Your eyes stare at me, like I do a open book
You are just fine
Before you think why these lines

I’d like to tell, you are mine
And our life is as good as some old wine
Amidst all your ugly looking acts
I am the one who finds the beautiful facts!

Well, there’s nothing about me too
What do you think
But I still wanna be with you
So, I end this with a naughty wink 😉

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