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By | July 4, 2021

This is a template repo which where I am testing and building solution for automated publishing of my articles/blog posts to dev. It’s just a lot of work to post the same article across places and hence I decided to automate publishing my posts to dev and eventually any other personal blogs. Here is how I made it easier for myself to publish blog posts from github to

Dev exposes API through which you could do a lot of things. I am currently only creating articles which will be in your drafts.

Publish blog posts from github to


  • Clone this repo, cleanup the files and arrange your blog posts.
  • Create a markdown file for your blog post. You can check the folder structure in the repo.
  • Setup your DEV TOKEN in your repo with the name as GIT_TO_DEV
  • Commit the changes made to your .md files.
  • Voila after the workflow is complete, you can see the blog posts created in draft.
  • Also, I am persisting the json payload of the article with the id populated.

Next steps

  • Identify new files and modified markdown files
  • For new files, create new articles
  • For modified, update the articles
    • Read the json and call the Update api
    • Publish posts to WordPress as well?



Please modify any typos or corrections in git and create a pull request to make this better. Here is an older blog post of mine.

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