Ugliest language in India

By | June 3, 2021

Ugliest language in India? – I don’t think it exists. Today, I see the internet having lot of articles about how Google displayed an answer to the above question. Google’s answer was “Kannada” which happens to be my native language. Many people had already reported it and Google also offered an apology. The result now are about all articles about how google made this mistake.

This put me to thought as to why this result and how? I will talk about the most important question later.

Why this happened?

Keep in mind am no expert to publish a RCA for this but I can confidently say somebody messed up an algorithm. Let us assume it to be AI driven. This exposes the potential of AI and how it can influence people. It also probably exposes the “bias” in the algorithm. You can read and google again about what it means and impacts. In simple words, I think it is how we are inclined/favourable to certain things/situations/people/communities/genders/orientations even where it is not required. The question is Why is there so much talk about bias in AI? – I think its because the algorithms are just missing out on certain section of the society. Which means lesser people to advertise to or market to for companies like Google. It could also mean lesser data for certain noble causes of AI as well.

Who asked this question?

The most important question for me is this. Whats behind the mind which makes one think a language to be ugly? While we tackle the bias in our algorithms, it is also required to understand why would someone think in those lines. We should also educate/respect each other about our practices. Languages were probably born for communication, which brings people closer and creates communities. Communication and communities – you see not much of a difference there. The individual makes a progress when the entire community does. I don’t think any language is ugly, because most of them are the output of a creative genius.

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