What is my BHAG?

By | August 16, 2021

The company I am working for, asked me What is my BHAG? as part of an intro questionnaire to be shared with the broader. I was in a hurry to answer, but I missed reading what it stands for. I paused for a moment to be present and thats when my eyes read Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal. This was not an easy question to answer as it triggered a serious of things, some very fancy. I had to be personally responsible, to be true to myself. Why I need to be true? Among 100 thoughts, I had to make sure what mattered to me most or what was most important to me.

I replied with the line, by the end of the year, I want to run 5KM under 37 minutes. Why 37? That timing was something I had done around 4 years back. Everybody on my team were now aware of it and made me feel accountable at the first. But then, it was something I truly wanted. Below are a sequence of things that have occurred and they made me jot down my thoughts.

Start Running

I figured out to make time for it during my day, started a routine towards running. I hardly managed to run 2K, but with walk I was reaching quite some distance.

Intermittent Fasting

I encountered an insightful video by Dr Pradeep Jamnadas about fasting and intermittent fasting. I have a friend who is religious practitioner of IF and boasts about its benefits. Fasting is not new to me, every 15 days I am used to fasting as part of Ekadashi. It’s a religious practice with scientific benefits. My IF schedule was 16:8 which means 8 hours eating window and 16 hours fast.

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I have felt more energetic and have been able to sustain longer periods of running since the time I started practicing IF.

Sharing with the team

I began to share my performance updates and BHAG with a great collective within the company. This was about accountability as well as feel good factor when folks cheer you up for your effort. This also led me to sign up for the SeaWheeze 10K, even before I had completed 5K run.

People are ready to help

Two weeks into the practice of IF, I was able to keep moving for longer and was always looking to hit that 37 minute mark. I managed to get to 37m 18s for the 5K. Seeing these updates, a fellow team member shared some inputs which helped him previously.

  1. Lesser Speed is sustainable speed and longer distance.
  2. Breath control during running.

Both those tips worked wonders for me as I was able to keep running for the entire 5K.

Don’t listen to your phone but your body and mind

Not listening to my phone or the smartwatch as I kept running helped me a lot. It made me connect to myself and listen to what my body says and develop a connection between the mind and body. The mind is an exceptional motivator rather than the numbers that I track on an app.

Final thoughts

On Aug 15th, 2015 I had completed a 5K which popped up on the facebook memory. On the eve India’s 75th Independence day I wanted to recreate that. I started out running to just complete 5K. All the above factors and self belief I started running, running and running. There wasn’t an iota of fatigue as I kept adding km over km. I couldn’t believe myself when I stopped my activity on Strava. This is my first 10K, also a prep for SeaWheeze and aspirations for a half marathon are taking shape within me. If you read and like this, please share your version of What is my BHAG? with yourself and find ways to be accountable to it. Cheers!

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