Sunshine bird

By | October 6, 2016

Sun / Pixabay

Long long ago,
Many years ago,
In Lakshmi’s Abode
Went a lady carrying her load
With her man
To hold her hand
When she is in pain
For a very pretty gain
When the clock struck seven
Minutes past one
The pain which was before
Stayed no more
The man was beside her all the time
For the moment he could only mime
And then a sound they heard
It was a cry for someone,
But for them it was the chirp of a bird,
The couple smiled
Eliminating all the sweet pain that had piled
The smiles did not stop
As a 3 year kid began to hop
The man’s eye had a tear
And the bird had no fear
The lady was in great joy
Cos she had got her baby toy
The lady got a daughter
The man smiled with tears
The 3 year kid got a Sweet lil sis
And then
The sun shined bright
As the rays entered the room,
They named the sweet little bird!


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