Feel that does not heal

By | October 2, 2016

Crowded Mayhem / Pixabay

Why do I feel the way I feel?
Is there a wound that is taking time to heal?
As I look outside the window
I can see the struggle for a meal
And brains plotting to steal
Posters of people in the reel
Its hard to believe all this is real
A man walking like a careen
Women in queue for kerosene
The sound of the automobiles
Ringtone of the mobiles
The designer hoardings
The electric poles standing
The never ending wait for the green light
The old woman in my sight
I can see the good
And the bad mood
In this path that I travel
There are lot of mysteries that unravel
What do I chose among them?
In this crowded mayhem!


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9 thoughts on “Feel that does not heal

        1. anilkulkarni Post author

          Every thing i see, there is something i want from that, and there is something i learn from each incident. So its hard to explain what the author ended up choosing 🙂


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