Drinking Seduction

By | October 3, 2016

Near the fountain again
I could feel that nerve breaking pain
Which has made me insane
As I walk on this lonely lane

I still remember the date
When I reached a bit late
It was ten past eight
And I was making my mate wait

The path was busy
It was filled with crowd
The noise was loud
When my eyes saw events that went messy

It was the rider who was dizzy
Mixing his drink with a fizzy
Making his move as if
The road was curled hair strand

I remember the touch
Of my mate who had the purple clutch
It was a moment of flash
As the dizziness smashed

I could see the black tar turn red
Oozing out of my mate’s head
The rose i had in my hand
Made its way onto her hand

Moments passed, eyes closed
Hands held tight
Tears rolling down the cheek
In Almighty, I began to seek

When the eyes did not open
I was lost in my own reflection
The wail coming out in the open
Why is this drinking a seduction?


This is my way of telling Please dont drink and drive.

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3 thoughts on “Drinking Seduction

  1. Rashmi Lingappa

    Beautifully penned! These lines in the poen created such a strong imagery for me. I hope people realise drinking is not only injurious to them but also to others.


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