A Love Story

By | April 6, 2016
The Love Story

Its a unique relationship

Our memories go back to when I was a kid
When they kept you hid
My attraction towards you
Is still the same and everyday feels new

You were very sharp and fine
I always wondered when you will be mine
Ours is a beautiful love story
You are the reason to my glory

You are the tool
On whom I always drool
You are swift and accurate
Make me feel so fortunate

You inspire me with your sound
As you slice through anything big or round
Now that you have been mine
Whenever people dine

The love for you is hard to explain
Loving you is something I can’t refrain
There is many a time you shed my blood
Only to teach me and avoid the next thud

The sound you make is better than a clef
You are the reason I am a better chef
Even though we have had our strife
You are my very dear Chef’s Knife!

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20 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. rakeshmenon

    Thumba channayikathaaru. I'm sure these fabulous lines would impress anyone who values fine art. Excellent rhyming.Especially "The love for you is hard to explain, Loving you is something I can't refrain" #myfriendalexa #authorrakesh

  2. Anil Kulkarni

    Glad you liked the twist. I like to cook and hence a beloved gadget you see 🙂
    Now that you Something is Cokking, it should be your fav gadget rite?

  3. Rashmi Lingappa

    During the entire read, till the last line i thought it was about a Girl you loved! Amazing, this is a beautiful piece of work. Loved reading it!


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