Ugadi – The lessons I learnt!

By | March 21, 2015
As I went through my wall on FB reading the many wishes for the Ugadi festival which is celebrated mainly in the Deccan region of India. Its the New Year for them. Well I don’t have to tell in detail about the festival you can get all you want here.

Then why did i start writing this post? Well, there is one major delicacy prepared during this festival from the place where i come. I was trying to understand the significance of the dish in my own terms and came up with this. Ah! I know I forgot to mention what the delicacy is. Its something thats made up of the flowers/buds from the Neem tree and Jaggery. Sometimes there are other ingredients like the raw mango and others. 

The bitterness of the neem flower
A mixture made by people clever
Add some Jaggery to balance
Not the greatest of fragrance
Hidden in this recipe, tasty
are lessons for longevity!

As part of the festival we have a practice of offering this dish to friends and family, wishing them good life even though we are making them have something bitter along with some sweet. There is a smile on every face and in general well wishing each other without second thoughts. For me this basically signifies asking my friends and family to embrace the good and bad which reside in me. Forget and forgive the not good things that I have and giving the confidence to them that I will do the same. Having this attitude will definitely increase the value of every relationship we have and reduce hatred among each other. Because in the end its all about giving!

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