May i go to toilet, miss?

By | June 16, 2014
Those were the days

When we made our own ways
Not worried about a thing
All eyes at the swing
Complying with every rule
We entered the school
Few laughed, few cried
Few had great pride
It was a different world
I still remember the gal whose hair was curled
The war was always boys vs gals
All of us are still pals
We made our own gang
Named it with the best known slang

There was a guy who used to bully
Oh my god we had to complete our box fully
The morning assembly had all the crowd
Selected few on stage and rest on ground
Then was the long walk
As we whitened our shoes with chalk
I knew that it was only ‘Finger on the lips’
If not it was gonna be a whip
I feel the pain on the knuckles
I miss blowing the bubbles
Chorus of  ‘Good moorniing miisss’
And the solo of ‘May I go to toilet, miss’ for the piss
We had to talk in English
So innocent that we dint know about ‘What the fish!!’
We miss those teachers
No one else had such features
The only punishment was kneeling down
Or a Fools cap to make us clown
The entire class was united
When danger from other section was sighted
To do list in the diary book
In which Parents signature, we took
Waiting all day for the bell to ring
Be it lunch, PT or the even on the swing
Running back home with the backpack
Munching the then famous Yummies snack
Things got serious
Questions in the exams felt mysterious
All the fun in the summer vacation
Holiday homework was the dictation
As time flew without any clue
Competing against each other we grew
And as I said things got serious
So we asked ourselves ‘Why so serious?’
Looking back at that time
When we learnt how to Rhyme
These lines will never come to an end
To keep those memories alive it has been penned

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16 thoughts on “May i go to toilet, miss?

  1. Danny

    Nice. I could relate so much to the whitening shoes with d chalk part. Brought out such sweet memories

  2. Jaanekyachahe

    That's why they cal it 'GOLDEN DAYS'
    We remember those friends always
    No one to give back the summer holidays
    Everyone is busy in the Life Race!!


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