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By | June 16, 2014
Cooking is an art by itself, an art which is not tough to master. Well, not cooking according to me it’s the presentation of what you cook is an art and you could be at your creative best. The reason is say that it’s not tough to master is because ‘Food’ is one thing that each of us have on a daily basis or rather need to have. In my opinion there are two types of people who cook (or Chef). The first kind are the people who cook at home for the daily needs, who buy things from groceries and decide their won ingredients and prepare a dish under the time constraints they have. The other kind are the professional ones and there is another special section who prepare the basic stuff used by the above two kinds. They prepare all the Masala/Spice/Curry Powder and stuff and also provide ‘Things to Do’ steps to use those.

A large section of the society is dependent on these special sector of people who have become the backbone of Cooking. Use the curry powder to make a curry, MTR Puliyogare to make Puliyogare (Tamarind Rice) and other things. I have liked cooking since my childhood. It started off by making Rasam and Rice, moved to Dosas and eventually different varieties of Rice etc etc. I also fell in love with Cooking and I still am in. I have not read about great people like Tarla Dalal, Sanjeev Kapoor but I am a chef in my own way. I believe cooking does not need recipes but a heart and a sense of taste with which you can create your own recipes. With years of experiments and cooking, I have realized that we don’t really need recipes at all. Food is like cinema, every time you prepare something it’s like an experiment. Sometimes you succeed and other times you don’t.  
I am now actually thinking of sharing all this knowledge to people who are around me and make them create their own recipes, rather than copying recipes. Yes, I am actually thinking of having my own cooking classes with the tagline as “Make your own recipes” because Cooking is just the right combination of Four S’s. Sweet, Sour, Spice and Salt.
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2 thoughts on “Make your own recipes

  1. Rashmi Lingappa

    Well written,well said,it is indeed the combination of All the 4 "S".And i would say a bit of love and happiness and the glowing smile on your face, when you present the dishes,probably makes the food more enjoyable!


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