Review of I Too Had a Love Story

By | April 16, 2012
Title: I too had a love story                                        Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: Srishti Publishers                                        Publication date: 01/Apr/2009
Category: Fiction                                                      Pages: 214
Price: INR 100/-                                                        ISBN: 9788188575701
About The Author:
Ravinder Singh was a software engineer who worked with a prominent IT company in India. He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla. After spending most of his life there, he moved to Chandigarh. He is currently pursuing his MBA in ISB, Hyderabad.
What made me buy this book?
The author is an ex-Infoscion and I am still an Infoscion. I had heard many people say about this book. I visited the Landmark website and saw that there was a decent discount for this book. I ordered the book. It was delivered in 2 days and I finished it in the next 2 days. Now here’s my review.
This book might be categorized under the name ‘Fiction’ but it’s a well-known fact that every chapter is based on true life incidents in the author’s life. The title itself tells the reader what to expect from the book and the review by Mr. N R Narayana Murthy himself is ‘Simple, honest and touching’. When you know it’s about a true life incident, the reader gets involved with the story emotionally. As I began reading the first chapter, it reminded me of the reunion of school and college friends. And yes, I did get involved emotionally and I became character of the story. Am not going to say that this is most wonderful book I have read, but this is one of the good books that I have read off late. The author succeeds in conveying his emotions to the reader and anybody who is in love can probably relate to it.
The title of every chapter is as simple as it can be. For me the whole book is about the author telling his story to the world. In a way it’s something the author presented for his Love. The second page of the book has a sentence which means that this book is dedicated to the gal whom he loved but couldn’t marry her. This one line sets the entire plot in the reader’s mind and he starts imagining his own version of ‘I too had a love story’. The reader might think of the first crush he ever had and say to himself, “Maybe, even I had one.” That is where the reader connects to the book and it gets deeper as he starts uncovering the story. Also the reader sees how different this story is to the one he had created after reading the sentence I mentioned above.
Every line you read in the book makes you feel the honesty of the author and you don’t feel that there is too much masala to commercialize the book. This again impressed me; the story is being said as it is. Since the reader gets connected so easily from the beginning, you cannot stop reading it. As I neared the ending, the climax became very evident and clear and I knew where it was heading towards. Here is where every line touches you and you feel for the author.
This book its not just about the story of an author. According to me there’s more to it and that is about Life. It tells us how unpredictable life is and the author is the living example of how to handle such changes in life. The book is all about love, it can be towards anyone and what it makes one do. Its also about loving one’s own life even when nature plays a harsh game with you.
I would rate this book 3.5/5. For anybody who is in love, go ahead and read it.
You can buy this book at Flipkart.

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