Hey uncle!!!

By | September 9, 2009

This post is based on an attempt made by a group of friends to make one of their other friend knock off his mustache. Harshal is the guy who has this fondness towards his big black mustache. We used to bug him a lot calling it the ‘marimuthu’ which was putting down the glow of his face. He used to fire back at us with his major dialogues. Here’s an instance.

Once he met with a horrible accident on Kanakpura road. Fortunately for him I was right behind him and unfortunately for me I had to witness such an incident. The rider, the pillion and the bike – all the three was damaged very badly. After 2days, he’s back in college and we were telling him to ride safe and all. Here’s his response – You know what!! I realized, that I went over some oil or water and I knew i was going to crash. So i just had a look at the speedo, it was around 40kmph thats all. I was not speeding. The speedo just came across my eyes. Phew. He used to turn down our mustache request with amazing dialogues which made us name him ‘Dialogue Uncle‘.

Weeks passed by, a movie named ‘Hey Baby‘ was released. After listening to the title track of the movie, I came up with the idea of ‘Hey Uncle‘. The next day in college I spent my time writing lyrics with the help of some friends. Lee who’s into music got excited and told he was going to sing , record, add music and make a song out of it.

Note: Below is the song. Pls dont mind the lyrics.

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Our attempt remained only an attempt. Removal of his mustache was virtually possible but not in reality.

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