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On December 30th 2008, bro got an aquarium. I had accompanied him to the shop to get the entire set. We went to the most popular pet store ‘PETBONDING’ near my place and got a bowl instead of tank as it enhances the visibility of the fishes. I meant that you can see a magnified fish and not that a fish can see clearly. The shopkeeper suggested us to buy ‘Gurami’ fish. This fish requires very low maintenance and the right fish for beginners. We got 4 Guramis (Two light blue and other two orange). Below are a few snaps.

People often say that ‘Pets are great stress busters’. Soon we were home setting up our mini aquarium. We placed the bowl, added stones, placed a plant, added water and finally released the fishes into their new ecosystem. Soon the fishes adjusted themselves to their new surroundings; I just sat down there watching them swim. I was indeed lost. Now I do agree that ‘Pets ARE stress busters’. Few others who follow Feng shui or some Chinese mythology say that fishes located at certain places bring prosperity to the house. On January 1st 2009, I had my 7th semester exam (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) and it happened to be the best exam in my engineering life till now. Now Does that have anything to do with the fishes??? 
Go get an aquarium if you want to experience what I did.  For details visit the link below:

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4 thoughts on “Fished!!!!

  1. Surabhi

    Hey….d fish bowl n d fish look adorable! Plus i had no clue dat fish in certain places bring good luck!

  2. kavoor

    Its just that you had ample time to study for this exam. Thanks to by-elections. If not for the postponement, leave alone fish, even a whale could not have done any good 😀


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