A day without BEER…

By | January 8, 2009

Well I am not talking abt a Fosters or a Kingfisher, but ‘THE DECEPTIVE BEER’ – Petrol. My friend calls it as the Deceptive beer just because the color misleads you. Not the smell though. Now since 45000 Oil officers in India are on a strike since 3days. Below are the consequences.

The above photos are from a HP petrol bunk(Basaveshwarnagar) at 11pm. After few vehicles were fed, the owner shouts stock over. Even if he’d stock, it would’ve taken at least an hour for me to fill my bike with fuel. I moved on to ‘Shell’ which boasts about customer satisfaction etc. and stuff like that. The pics below will reveal the story.

The Shell people made us wait for ten minutes. The guy accepted he has petrol but cannot give the supply now as their predetermined quota for today has reached. People are struggling without fuel and this guy talks about quota, today’s limit etc. Police enter the bunk, park their vehicle and helps the bunk owner to disperse all of us. 
Petrol rates have gone down, But there is no petrol. What a situation!!!

Reason for this: 45,000 officials of 12 Government oil companies go on an indefinite strike from Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Reason for the strike: Protest against the failure of the Government to complete wage negotiations with officers of the oil companies. The demands include five-year periodicity of wage revision, 100 per cent neutralisation of dearness allowance and immediate release of additional stagnant increments. 
It has already affected the aviation sector with almost 70 flights getting delayed. Now imagine if the strike goes on till the weekend or one more week. Imagine if there is no petrol all of a sudden. It would be another economical setback after this recession, Satyam breakdown if the strike is not called off soon. 
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