The 3 day water fast – II

By | September 15, 2021

I was not sure if my previous attempt of the 3 day water fast was a fluke. So here I am with another shot at it before experimenting on longer durations of fasting. This time, I am going to document my thoughts and certain metrics in real time. No blood will be drawn for the metrics, but its only going to be my weight. Notes about my thoughts and mental well-being will be the top most priority.

The 3 day water fast
Roasted Macadamia nuts

The Plan

Continue the experiments with the 3 day water fast and overlap one of those days with Ekadashi. So below are the dates:

  1. Sep 15, 2021 Wednesday (Dashami)
  2. Sep 16, 2021 Thursday (Ekadashi)
  3. Sep 17, 2021 Friday (Dwadashi)

I asked myself, what should i note down in my journal/blog about this experience. Here is the plan. As a person documenting my weight on a public platform, I am not sire how right it is. Initially I was uncomfortable with this, but then if this is going to inspire someone else to try the Fasting experience. I had to be true and document only facts. So here i am sharing the the most vulnerable details of myself.

Weight is just a metric for those who are interested, but for me this is more of Indriya Nigraha (controlling the senses) and the wonderful mental well-being that I experienced last time.

  • My weight in the morning
  • My thoughts in the morning
  • Amount of water I had during the day and it might not be accurate this time.
  • My weight before I go to bed.
  • Maybe include the physical activity I did for the day.

Fast Starting Time : September 14th, Tuesday 8:54 Pm PST

Day 1

Weight (AM)Thoughts (AM)Water (qty)Weight (PM)
As of 10.30 PM PST
Physical Activity
As of 10.30 PM PST
214.2Motivated, Great clarity about the work at hand today.

Fitbit Sleep score: 80
10 glasses (2 ltrs maybe)213.215,648 Steps
Includes 6.57 km run at slow pace in 1h 9m

Additional Notes :

As of 4PM PST : 19 hours into the fast, Still going strong. Had a few glasses of water.

As of 10.30 PM PST: 26 hours into the fast, Its been a great day. Productive at work and very focused mentally. I also was able to go for a long slow paced run and end it with a relaxed walk. Still feeling motivated to completed the next two days. Why do i feel I am at a better phase of mental well-being or awareness? Maybe I am just getting that feeling of ability to control one’s senses. Or My thoughts have never gone towards consuming food even though they were right in front of me. (This gives us more time towards all other activities). More to come tomorrow.

Day 2

Weight (AM)Thoughts (AM)Water (qty)Weight (PM)Physical Activity
As of 10:17 PM PST
211.6Still going strong. Not feeling tired
Motivated to complete the 3 days

Fitbit Sleep Score: 74
10 glasses (2 ltrs maybe)210.28,462 steps
Includes a 2.51 km run in 25m

Additional Notes :

As of 9 AM PST : 36 hours into fast, I had a good night’s sleep. I wanted to sleep for an hour extra when I woke up. But once you wake up, you pretty much feel very active. Feeling like all the energy is now being used for my thoughts. This is a great self learning experience till now.

As of 4:22 PM PST: 43 hours into fast, I feel high levels of energy/focus on the tasks that I am doing. Last time I did the 3 day water fast, I was cranky during the afternoon of the second day. Not this time though. Hoping to get some physical activity as well.

As of 10:17 PM PST: 49 hours into fast, Not much of a physical activity today. I still feel good. At certain times in the day I did think about all the different kind of dishes I am going to have after this. But not once I felt like giving up on this. So i can say still going strong. One should have little more water than whats mentioned here.

Day 3

Weight (AM)Thoughts (AM)Water (qty)Weight (PM)Physical Activity
210Felt a little bit tired when i thought of having fasted for 2 days.
But otherwise still going strong.

Fitbit Sleep Score: 74
10 glasses (2 ltrs maybe)207.23723 steps
Includes some strength Training.

Additional Notes :

As of 12:30 PM PST: 64 hours into fast, Still on target to finish the three day fast. I learnt a new work acuity which is what I am experiencing now.

As of 12:09 AM PST : 75 hours into fast, Today was an easy day. I could not get to a run owing to the weather so I got some reps on dumbbells at home. Different times during the day, I did feel a little conscious about the fast and sometimes dizzy for a max of 2 seconds. Having more water and being more active helped me get out of that. As i type this, I am feeling better and going strong. I will write the conclusion tomorrow after weighing myself again. The foodie inside me was sneaking out today to make plans for what to eat tomorrow. I have definitely controlled one sense which is tongues (taste). More experiments to come.

My final weight on Sep 18th, 2021 7:05 AM PST is : 205.6.


  • Start Weight : 214.2
  • End Weight : 205.6
  • Loss = 8.6 lbs
  • Total fast duration : 83 hours.
  • This weight lost will be gained easily if you don’t eat the right food once you start re-feeding.
  • I dont do this for weight loss but for the mental acuity one attains.
  • You tend to sleep lesser but the sleep quality is high.
  • I broke my fast with Roasted Macadamia nuts.
  • I could have probably gone fasting today as well, but better to take it slow.
  • My goal : 5 day water fast. (Might have to include some electrolytes)

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