Open Letter to the editor of Deccan Herald

By | August 11, 2008
ZIP, ZAP, ZOOM… It isn’t as easy as that Mr. Editor. Driving a motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter is an art. It requires high level of precision, road sense, knowledge of safety and security of self and others.
Seventeen year old girl inspires women across India to ride motor bikes. Ah-em excuse me. This girl is inspiring women across India to violate traffic rules. This girl has been biking for four years now. OK, so biking at the age of thirteen is it? Where is this legal?

 Minimum age for a learners’ License for a motorcycle with gear is eighteen years. Then pass a test to get a Drivers’ License.

So, this girl at the age of seventeen, goes on a bike expedition covering Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka crossing borders without a Drivers’ License! C’mon Mr. Editor if this is inspiring, then I’m afraid you are in the wrong job. Go get your basics right before making such statements.
Girls can ride just like boys, in a few cases even better than them, although people choose not to accept it.
Oho! A million Dollar statement.Yeah, I do accept, anyone who passes the test for Drivers’ License is any day better than a thirteen year old motorbiker.
People who come under the RTO, West, Bangalore have to undergo tests at driving tracks specially designed to validate driver. Biking for four years is just not enough. Below is the driving track.
Coming to the image in the article, again, inspiring women eh! crap. Where is the safety helmet? You publicize these images in a city where helmets are compulsory! I fail to understand what message you are trying to pass to the public. Here is the direct outcome of allowing someone of seventeen to ride the vehicle – She is at the wrong side of the road, riding on the right side. Mr. Editor, open your eyes.
OK so, what’s the big deal in a girl riding a bike at seventeen. Is that news?
I wish to read something sensible in the future.
Mr. Editor, God Save You.
Content Courtesy : Aditya Kavoor
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