Mission Moustache

By | August 12, 2008
I have a friend who bears a moustache since the time he got one, I meant he has never shaved it. One fine day we all decided to ask him to remove the black ugly thing on his face which was hiding his youthfulness. We bugged him so much that he blasted all of us with his face turning red. Suddenly my friend asked me whether I could shave the ‘Moustache Man’ virtually. I accepeted this as a challenge and actually ripped of his hair virtually in no time. I asked one of my friend who was a pro in Photoshop to do it for me, just to compare it with mine and I found mine was really better. Finally we could see what lied beneath that heap of black, short, silky, hard keratin fibres. Below is the photo, Do rate my work. Just to make it look real, I tried changing the color of his shirt and it actually came out very well.
                                            After                                   Before

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