Present-ing the past

By | September 15, 2016

After a long day at work, I started from office late and while walking to the bus stop, it was hard for me not to admire the volume of traffic around. It was late, the density of vehicles had decreased, the concrete buildings so tall tried to intimidate me. I was thoughtless all the while and in that state I was waiting for the bus. The bus arrived, I boarded and an idea struck for a blog post. When I write that I will link it here.

I was back to thoughtlessness in a moment and had a power nap until someone patted me as the bus made it to my destination. I walked towards the place where my car was parked. With every step I took, the less crowd around made me feel happy. Β I unlocked the car, opened the door, got inside the driver seat and before I closed the door, the visual I saw triggered a series of thoughts.

Present and the Past

Present and the Past

The thoughts made me feel I was present at that moment and also the past and looking for the future. Maybe its a confusing statement but that’s how quickly all the thoughts kicked in. The sun was setting on my rear-view mirror, The moon rise from my windscreen. I was exactly in between them.

I was present at that moment looking at my day setting and as well what the future holds, a moon-lit night.

We look forward to the night to think of how our day has set today

I clicked the picture
Making my thoughts richer
Being in the present
and the past at the same moment

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The visual made me think ofΒ a mystical connection between the past, present and future. Can you relate to something like this?

My thoughts on destiny

15 thoughts on “Present-ing the past

  1. Rashmi Lingappa

    We look forward to the night to think of how our day has set today! Loved this.
    You made us a part of that moment you lived in past present and future through this write-up.

    1. anilkulkarni Post author

      Am glad you liked it. Time is wonderful and man is yet to decode that dimension.

    1. anilkulkarni Post author

      Very true! The power of thoughts is immense. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Chandni

    Hey Anil

    Thats a very deep thought. To look at something and finding so many layers that otherwise would be an ordinary sight. Looking at the rear view mirror at the sun setting as you step out to head home , taking a minute to soak it is does seem like being at three different instances of time .. you captured that thought very well..

    and between past and future – I guess present moment is always the most valuable one. People who can take a minute to soak in what it holds are blessed ..

    1. anilkulkarni Post author

      Thank you so much. Comments like yours bring me more thoughts. And yeah I do agree that present is the most valuable moment.

      1. Chandni

        I re read my comment and it has got so many typos coz I typed via phone πŸ™ but am happy that it triggered some fresh thoughts ..


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