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By | May 19, 2014
Dear Reader,

Its been quite a long long time since i posted something on the blog, that too something that i wrote. Well, again the intention of the post is to introduce my partner blogger, rather my partner who also started blogging few months back. Since, i had the Guest section, i was honoured to receive an email with a post from this partner. As a matter of fact i liked the content of the post and even offered my guest  to think twice before giving it that as a guest post.  She was generous enough to make a call that it was meant for my blog as a guest post. I notice that now all your eyes is on ‘She’ and would want to know who that is who actually made me write an introductory post for her. 

I was about to write more about her, but then i thought it doesn’t make sense or justify if i wrote about her. Its better if the reader makes an opinion about that person as i could end up being biased. Well i am clearly talking about only opinion about the posts written by her. I can only say one thing that the journey with this partner has been good for me. Within a short span she has rushed into writing about various things.

rashmiandi to visit her blog and do leave comments to encourage a budding blogger.

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